Let an egg hatch, switch to vegan egg

Interesting facts

  • Eggs are high in cholesterol and saturated fats while most plant-based eggs are cholesterol free
  • Per-capita egg-consumption in many countries across the globe including the United States is declining
  • Veganism and Vegetarianism is rising throughout the globe. In a recent survey conducted in the United States, 21 out of 40 individuals agreed that they are willing to reduce their meat consumption and include more plant-based food in their regular diet.

Do vegans eat eggs? What is vegan egg??

If you are a vegan, egg is something that you do not want to hear at all. And why not…this is an animal-based product which is against the idea of veganism. There are vegetarians who consume eggs as they do not contain animal flesh, while many do not. But what if there is an egg which is plant-based? Yes…like most other vegan products, there are possibilities of vegan egg which is not obtained from animals, but from plants. But how is vegan egg made? What are the plant-based ingredients used? What are the applications of vegan eggs? We will answer all such questions, in detail, in this article.


How is vegan egg made from? What are egg replacers?

There are some companies who have introduced innovative vegan eggs in the market. These are made from various plant-based ingredients. For example, Just Egg is a vegan egg available in the market which is made from mung bean protein and turmeric. Just Egg vegan eggs are similar to natural eggs in texture as well as nutrition. These eggs can be used for various purposes like making omelets, filling breakfast sandwiches, topping noodles and others.

“Being vegan is no longer a boring thing now. Most of the animal-based products are now also being manufactured from plant-based ingredients. After plant-based milk and meat, it’s time for plant-based eggs. Vegan scrambled eggs can simply be described as innovation at its best”

Now, we know what is vegan egg…but what are egg replacers? Well, any product that replaces egg as ingredient in baking and other food items is called egg replacer. Egg replacers are usually in powdered or paste form. Vegg, which is a United States based company, that offers baking mix which is an egg replacer that mimics actual eggs in terms of taste and texture when used in baking.

vegan egg2

What is flax egg?? Is it a good egg replacer??

Flax egg is gaining popularity among the vegan community. It is an excellent and healthy egg replacer. Preparing flax egg is easy and less time consuming. Just take a tablespoon of well ground flax seeds and mix them with warm water. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes and it is ready to use. Ground flax seeds mixed in water acts as a good binder and can be used in flour based recipes.

Flax egg replacer can be used in place of eggs in cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins and other products. Using flax eggs makes sense as flax seeds are excellent in terms of nutrition. Flax seeds are loaded with dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, omega-3 fats and other nutrients. Consuming little flax seeds daily is good for health. You also need to know that flax egg replacer cannot be used to make items that are completely egg focused such as scrambled eggs. This can be used in recipes where egg acts as a binding agent.

Plant-based eggs industry is highly potential

Plant-based eggs industry is in the introduction phase. The industry has a few players who are early entrants in this market and are experimenting with various raw materials to mimic eggs in the best way. Eggs are among the most consumed essential foods due to their nutritional value. However, there has been a little decline in the consumption of eggs in the developed countries like the United States in past few years. This is due to the fast that eggs are high in cholesterol. Rising obesity and related health problems has led to an inclination towards low fat foods in several countries.

Apart from this, a rise in demand for plant-based food products is being observed everywhere. More people are adopting vegan or vegetarian way of living and are exploring exciting food options in the plant-based category. Just as faux meat products have gone mainstream now, similar are the expectations from vegan eggs. In the next (3 – 5) years, a notable growth is expected in the vegan eggs industry.

Top five vegan egg options in 2021

  • Just Egg Vegan Eggs – Just Egg is a United States based vegan egg brand. It is completely plant-based and is primarily made from mung beans and turmeric. Just Egg vegan eggs can be used in any kind of egg-based recipe. The best thing about this product is that it contains zero cholesterol and lesser saturated fats than the conventional eggs.
vegan egg1
  • Follow your Heart Vegan Eggs – Follow your Heart is a United States based company that manufacturers vegan eggs. The company also produces dairy-free yogurt, dips, dairy-free cheese and other products. Follow your Heart vegan eggs are produced from natural ingredients like soymilk powder, nutritional yeast and others. These eggs can be used as scramble, for baking and binding.
vegan egg
  • Vegg Vegan Eggs– Vegg is a United States based company that produces vegan eggs. Vegg provides vegan egg products for egg scrambles, baking and other applications.
  • Zero Egg Vegan Eggs– Zero Egg is a United States based company that produces vegan eggs. The company offers frozen liquid as well as powder variants of vegan egg. These products can be used in all kinds of egg-based recipes and also for egg scrambles.
  • Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer– Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods is a United States based company that produces vegan egg replacer. The product is suitable for baking applications.

Using tofu as vegan egg…

Tofu scrambles are also a common alternative of egg scrambles. In fact, tofu is a popular food among the vegan fraternity and is also used to prepare meat substitutes. Tofu scrambles are high in protein and also taste similar to the egg scrambles. It just takes few minutes to prepare tofu scrambles. So, if you are a vegan, you can also enjoy tofu scrambles which gives you egg-like taste and is cholesterol-free.

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