Tempeh vs Tofu- Which one is the winner?

In our previous article, we discussed about a popular vegan food called seitan. In this article, we have another interesting vegan food called tempeh. Yes, those of you who are vegans must be aware of tempeh and related vegan food recipes. So, what is tempeh? For those who do not know, tempeh is a soy-based food made from cooked and fermented soybeans. This is usually in the form of blocks. Tempeh is easily available in most supermarkets or frozen food stores just as tofu. Tempeh is a popular soy-based meat alternative that has a meat-like texture. There are several ways in which vegans can cook and enjoy this meat substitute. In this article we will discuss how tempeh is good for you, some tempeh recipes/applications and some famous tempeh brands.


How is tempeh different from tofu?

Before we discuss more about tempeh, let us make this very clear that tempeh and tofu are two different things, through both are prepared from soybeans. Below are the differences between tofu and tempeh:

  • Tempeh is made by controlled fermentation of soybeans while tofu is made from soy curd.
  • Tempeh may also contain other ingredients that can be added during the fermentation process, like grains or beans. Tofu generally does not contain such additional ingredients.
  • Tempeh is denser in comparison to tofu and has more calories and protein.
Tempeh is good source of protein
Tempeh is good source of protein- Datavagyanik

Tempeh is good for you

Tempeh is good for you. It is a highly nutritious food and is a good way to consume vegan protein. For example, each serving (84 grams) of Lightlife original tempeh contains 18 grams of protein which is over 30% of the daily protein requirement. Tempeh also contains dietary fiber, calcium, iron, potassium and other nutrients. Tempeh is certainly a good for vegans, vegetarians and even others who are willing to reduce their meat consumption and adopt alternative protein sources.

tempeh nutrition

Best tempeh brands that you can purchase in 2021

While there are many companies selling seitan in the market, we are listing down the best brands of seitan that you can try out:

  • SoyBoy – SoyBoy is a United States based company that produces organic tofu and tempeh. SoyBoy provides soy tempeh and five grain tempeh. While soy tempeh is made from organic soybeans, five grain tempeh contains additional grains that are brown rice, millet, kasha, quinoa.
tempeh 1
  • LightLife – Lightlife is a United States based company that produces a range of plant-based products. It offers multiple types of tempeh that may be used for baking, frying, sautéing and other purposes. Its three grain tempeh contains additional grains which are organic barley, organic brown rice, organic millet.
temph 3
  • Trader joe’s Tempeh – Trader joe’s is a United States based grocery chain that offers a range of vegan foods. Trader joe’s organic three grain tempeh that contains soybeans, rice, barley, and millet. The product is quite popular as it is good in quality and is cost efficient.
  • Smiling Hara– Smiling Hara is a United States based company that produces plant-based proteins. The company offers innovative tempeh made with soy and hemp seeds.
  • Tofurkey – Tofurkey is a United States based company that plant-based food products. Tofurkey offers plain as well as flavored & marinated tempeh.
  • Tiba Tempeh – Tiba Tempeh is a UK based company that produces wide range of tempeh products. Its products can be used for stir-fries, curries, salads, wraps and other food items.
siba temph

Tempeh for breakfast… Tempeh easy recipes that you can try out:

Tempeh is a healthy breakfast option. There are several ways in which you use tempeh for breakfast. Some of these exciting tempeh breakfast options are:

  • Tempeh bacons – Tempeh bacons are easy to prepare and requires just (15 – 20) minutes. Tempeh bacons are prepared from thin slice of tempeh, marinated for around 15 minutes. The marinated tempeh needs to be cooked in a pan with a little oil and ingredients like soy sauce, maple syrup, garlic and black-pepper needs to be added as per taste.
  • Tempeh hash – Tempeh hash contains finely chopped tempeh cooked with potatoes, onions, broccoli and other veggies in a pan. You can add soy sauce, maple syrup, garlic, black-pepper and other ingredients as per taste.
  • Tempeh tacos – Vegan tacos are great to enjoy. Tempeh is a great option as a filling in tacos. To prepare the taco fillings, multiple veggies along with tempeh can be used. The filling can be made with cabbage, tomato, beans, jalapenos and similar ingredients.
  • Marinated baked tempeh – This is a simple recipe in which tempeh cubes needs to be steamed first and then marinated. Then the cubes are baked in oven. This can be eaten alone or can be used with salad and other food items.

*Note – We are not giving the detailed step-by-step preparation process, as it is easily available online for each of these tempeh dishes.

Tempeh or tofu…what is your choice?

Tempeh or tofu, this is a very common question. Well, as said earlier, both tempeh as well as tofu, are made from soybeans but in a very different manner. Both of these are popular among vegans and vegetarians. Tofu is a more versatile meat substitute and has a larger consumer base. However, tempeh is also a meat substitute that is quite common. If you are calorie conscious, tofu is a better choice for you. If you want more protein per serving, then you must go with tempeh. It totally depends upon your taste and preferences that which one you choose.

Demand for tempeh is growing

Tempeh, although originated from Indonesia, is popular across the globe. It has grown in popularity among vegans and vegetarians as it is a good source of protein and other nutrition. Spiced, flavored and marinated tempeh are being sold in super markets and grocery stores. These are being used in various vegan and vegetarian recipes. The United States and even Europe region is a significant market for tempeh. As health consciousness is rising, people are looking for alternative, plant-based sources of protein that are healthier. On one hand while the per-capita meat consumption is declining in many developed countries, plant-based foods are gaining immense popularity.

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